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Identità olfattiva per NH Hotels

The fragrance that welcomes guests in the lobby invites them to spend a pleasant stay, carving the memory into their consciousness. In each building, the olfactory identity is designed to establish a dialogue with the surrounding environment, while enhancing the unique features of each NH hotel.
At the NH Collection Milano President, the aromatic liqueur notes combined with the warm fruity touch of the Davana and the icy incipit of the mint bring the mind back to aperitif time, when the senses relax while sipping a signature cocktail. Fresh and regenerating, delicious thanks to the bittersweet note, the “Il Presidente” olfactory signature is addictive with its unprecedented vermouth note enriched by a refined leathery twist. A surprise also delights guests in the breakfast room, with a fragrant good morning that stimulates the appetite and instils a good mood.
At the NH Siena Hotel, sparkling notes of ginger and yuzu accompany a soft heart of iris and violet, made cozy by the sandalwood base note. Different suggestions for the NH Roma Villa Carpegna Hotel, where a juicy orange enlivened by aquatic and marine touches offers guests a familiar welcome imbued with positivity.
NH Milano Touring, NH Bologna De La Gare, NH Firenze Palazzo Gaddi, NH Pisa hotels are embellished with the elegant and evocative notes of “Magnifico”. The creation features juicy orange and melon top notes, intertwined with aquatic nuances and a touch of star anise. The heart is composed of delicate hints of violet, a precious rose and the green and crisp facet of lily of the valley. The soft, creamy notes of sandalwood combined with an amber base note, make the composition appealing.


Development and diffusion of a palette of olfactory identities

In every building, guests are welcomed with a fragrance that enhances the unique features of each NH hotel.

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