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As of today, MIRA Hotels, the first Italian group of bioactive resorts designed to stimulate positive feelings and promote natural and active well-being, has an olfactory identity. Specially developed with ingredients capable, according to research, of eliciting well-being, “Admiration” translates the ideals that guide the MIRA philosophy into an olfactory key: contact with nature and the earth, extended time, freshness, breathing, rediscovered harmony, regeneration, and sustainability. At the top, the Bergamot of Calabria, Made-in-Italy excellence, joins a fair trade green tea from Sri Lanka and recycled essential terpene notes to relax and reconnect with nature. In the heart, the brightness of white flowers and the velvety effect of violet recall a spring awakening and regeneration. The base note is comfortable and pleasantly enveloping thanks to cedar wood and white mosses, an ethical and sustainable translation of animal musk, which, for centuries, was a key ingredient in perfumery.


Development and diffusion of olfactory identity
Reed diffuser
Scented Bookmarks

Starting today, the MIRA resorts, scattered between Sicily, Salento, the Tuscan Maremma and Monte Rosa, have an olfactory experience uniting all the resorts and infusing unique sensations of well-being in the reception, lobby, clubhouse, sales areas, and in the rooms thanks to a special scented gift.

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