Scent Marketing

Every brand can be enriched with an innovative, profound and memorable form of communication. Scent evokes and involves more than images and words because it speaks the language of emotions. Giving a brand an olfactory identity allows it to create an unbreakable bond with its customers, offering them a unique and unforgettable experience in the places where the fragrance is diffused. Integra Fragrances combines the ability to create unique olfactory identities with cutting-edge fragrance technology, thanks to decades of experience in the field.


Case histories


Case histories

Bulgari Hotels&Resorts

Case histories

Acqua di Parma - “Arancia La Spugnatura”

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Gallerie d'Italia

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Case histories


Case histories


Case histories

Intesa Sanpaolo


Creating an olfactory identity

The creation of a fragrance aimed at tracing the identity of a brand or perfectly merging an experience comes from a deep analysis of the brand, requires significant technical knowledge of perfumery, ingredients and its trends, and is imbued with a high level of creativity. This expertise requires two distinct and complementary skills: on the one hand, marketing and branding, and on the other, fragrances and emotions.

What are the applications of an olfactory identity?

Retail Network

Company headquarters and offices

Private and public events

Scented Point of Sale (POS)

Posters and advertising press campaigns

Branded spaces

Multi-sensory experiences

Scented products for sale

E-commerce boxes

Institutional communication materials

Corporate gifting

Scented packaging

Special product launches