Integra Fragrances develops customised olfactory identities for some of the most fascinating international brands, harnessing the power of scent to create unique experiences. Thanks to an innovative proprietary remote control technology, with its creations it is able to scent both indoor and outdoor spaces. Founded in 2006, Integra Fragrances is one of the leaders in offering a complete range of olfactory branding services to luxury, fashion, hotel and design companies, including banks, museums, airlines and large yachts. Olfactory branding is the innovative form of sensory communication that translates the essence of a brand into a unique scent, capable of increasing its personality, distinctiveness and value.

Our Values

"Integra Fragrances aims to become the global reference in the development of olfactory identities capable of acting as branding and communication springboards for brands. We want to be recognized as promoters of a concept of global well-being, by offering, with our scents and cutting-edge technologies, environments that make you feel good."

Lorenzo Cotti, CEO & Founder

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Our team

Scent is emotion, and emotions do not exist without the people experiencing them. The history and life of Integra Fragrances are traced by the people who give life to the different business areas and who, with passion and dedication, are committed to giving their best. Innovative spirit, creativity and competence distinguish the company team. Well aware of the value of human capital for its success, today Integra Fragrances invests 7% of its turnover in personnel training.