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Lefay Resorts

Where dreams are scented with reality

The Lefay resorts nestle amid the enchanting scenery of the Dolomites and Lake Garda: two pearls of rare beauty where nature and hospitality blend to create a unique, all-embracing experience. The fragrances designed for the brand were inspired by this countryside and bring fond memories of perfect holidays to mind, where surroundings, silence and quality of service become a dream to experience and repeat. Every detail of Lefay expresses wellbeing and the Italian way of doing things. Our fragrances speak the same language: while the signature scent is unique and unmistakable, each creation takes on a style of its own thanks to different and unexpected textures and tones. As well as scenting all the common areas, we are also taking care of the environmental sanitization: the process acts on the air, surfaces and on the air conditioning system, thereby ensuring the clients' stay is always safe thanks to the remote-control technology, high-quality air sensors and constant reporting, as well as microbial detection. Lefay compositions focus on citrusy, aromatic and woody blends enriched by refined raw materials, skillfully arranged to elegantly reflect the surrounding territory. The fragrances are also available in a fresh home fragrance collection: candles and room diffusers in 2 sizes and 4 delightful blends: “Juniper”, “White Spices”, “Figs and Citrus Fruits”, “Water Flowers”. To relive the dream, until your next stay.


Diffusion of multiple immersive fragrances
Reed diffuser
Scented candles
Pillow mist

Ambient scenting and sanitization for a total wellbeing project.

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