Integra Fragrances aims to become the world reference for scent as a springboard for branding and communication, while playing a leading role in air quality, the environments in which we live and the creation of well-being. The company does not have as its objective the mere achievement of positive financial results, but intends to continue to stand out for its innovative strength and pursue the most compelling challenges that confront it with the desire to make its own contribution to a better world.

Benefit Company

In December 2021, Integra Fragrances became a Benefit Company. We have made social and environmental sustainability explicit in our corporate by-laws as an asset of fundamental importance. By integrating profit goals with a commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment, we feel committed to a higher, more motivating mission every day. This constant commitment becomes a concrete action plan, with measurable objectives, transparent tools and quantifiable results over time. For Integra Fragrances, being a Benefit Company means adopting a winning logic without losing competitiveness, creating further value thanks to the dissemination of an olfactory culture that respects the environment, customers, stakeholders and the entire community.

Guided by a systemic vision, Integra Fragrances intends to pursue a triple purpose:

  • place a product and quality service on the market that responds to society’s public needs and promotes the dissemination of positive and responsible conduct;

  • offer people opportunities for work and professional fulfilment;

  • produce wealth that falls directly or indirectly within the context in which it operates;

  • disseminate a scent culture that makes society more aware of scent as a powerful tool for well-being.

Environmental and
social impact assessments

Carbon footprint

Descrizione della ragione che ha portato alla definizione della carbon footprint dell’azienda, processo seguito per arrivare a misurarla, dati (utilizzo di infografiche)

Corporate Social Responsibility


Since 2021, Integra Fragrances has been a partner of SEP (Social Enterprise Project), a B-Corp company that aims to bring thousands of refugees families above the poverty line through training and employment. SEP is a luxury lifestyle brand: a fusion of Italian style with the best Middle Eastern craftsmanship gives life to unique pieces hand-embroidered by refugee artists. Integra Fragrances has donated to SEP the development of a personalised olfactory identity, Cumin & Myrrh Stories, which embodies Sep's values and ethical mission. To transport the brand's Western clientele to the Jerash refugee camp in Jordan, nothing is more powerful than an olfactory creation inspired by the memories of the women artists who live in the camp. In addition to offering the fragrance diffusion in the brand's international stores, the fragrance has been included in some finished products gifted to SEP and sold to the public – a scented candle and a roll-on eau de parfum. These initiatives are aimed at supporting SEP's activity which, with the profits generated, supports refugee women by giving them the opportunity to work and enhance their talent.

Code of ethics

Integra Fragrances has chosen to specify a "Code of Ethics" in a public document, capable of defining the values and principles that distinguish its activities in relations with internal and external parties.