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Mangia's Torre del Barone Resort

“Mangia's Aroma” is the Mangia's Torre del Barone resort scent identity

Located within the park of Sciaccamare, the Resort Mangia's Torre del Barone welcomes its guests with a fresh and dynamic fragrance, created and diffused by Integra Fragrances with its technology. This is “Mangia's Aroma”, the olfactory identity developed for the five-star resort that is distinguished by spicy notes of cardamom, black pepper and nutmeg that accompany dry woody base notes. To further scent the spaces of Mangia's Torre del Barone and the other structures of the chain, reed diffusers have been placed in an over-sized format, a delight for the nose of the guests staying there.


Development and diffusion of olfactory identity
Maxi reed diffuser

“Mangia's Aroma” welcomes the guests of the 5-star Resort with its freshness and dynamism.

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