Bespoke Products

An olfactory identity can go beyond the boundaries of ambient fragrance and can also be applied to finished products for personal and home use, or scented packaging and e-commerce shopping boxes. From design to production, we create your customised product.

Product range

Development of a finished product

An internal product development division is expert in the development and production of scented finished products, characterised by strong customisation, innovative formulas and cutting-edge applications. To meet the varied needs of our customers in the most diverse sectors, we produce both objects for corporate communication, and exclusive gifts to be given to selected customers, and products to be introduced on the market to translate an olfactory branding operation into business.

Fragrance Academy

Our digital Fragrance Academy offers a sales force training service to teach how to present, sell and propose customised fragrances, enhancing their packaging and olfactory characteristics. Interactive video tutorials and quizzes to test learning are available on our multi-device e-learning platform. The goal is teaching how to sell a scent, using the correct gestures and terminology, to involve and transport the customer on an emotional journey.