The first application of an olfactory identity is the scenting of the brand's environments, to welcome customers, involve them and communicate with them through emotions. Scent follows the air that circulates differently in each space, which is why we specialise in a specific design for each environment. In order to ensure the highest levels of performance and security, we constantly invest in updating and evolving our technology. Patented and Made in Italy, it is remotely controlled, with the possibility of acting on all the settings in real time and is equipped with a series of air sensors.

Indoor diffusion


This is the preferred solution to ensure a uniform diffusion of the scent within an environment. Thanks to our technology, the fragrance is introduced into the existing air ducting system, without the need for structural interventions.

Direct diffusion

As an alternative to using the duct system, direct diffusion of the scent into the environment may be used, without going through the ducts. The fragrance can be diffused by a stand-alone visible diffuser, or we can hide the diffusion system in the drop ceiling or behind a wall to limit the aesthetic impact.


Portable design device with customisable front cover to scent environments with great flexibility. Plug-in and remotely controlled via App, it is a versatile solution for scenting confined spaces (e.g. corners) and temporary events (e.g. pop-up stores).

Outdoor diffusion

With our technology we are also able to scent outdoor environments, to delight passers-by on the sidewalk in front of a boutique, guests of an outdoor event or citizens in an urban environment such as a square or a street with fragrances. The scent can even characterise advertising billboards and public transport shelters, allowing brands to communicate emotionally "out-of-home."

Design of the diffusion system

In constant dialogue with the customer, our technical department thoroughly studies each space and designs the most suitable and efficient diffusion system according to the customer's needs. Within a "turnkey" model, we take care of installing the technology, maximizing its performance over time, maintaining it and monitoring it remotely, and providing dedicated assistance throughout the world.


Covid-19 has imposed new hygiene and safety needs and protocols. We have responded with an evolution of our fragrance system that can also be used to sanitise an environment, as well as the air and surfaces, without structural interventions. To offer those who want scenting and sanitising at the same time, in perfect safety.

Air quality

Since scent follows air, at Integra Fragrances we are experts in its management and we care about its quality. We have expanded our know-how and equipped our technology to offer our customers a service for monitoring and managing the air quality of their indoor environments, comparing it with outdoor air quality in real time. Thanks to the most sophisticated quality sensors, we are able to detect as many as 14 parameters including:

>   CO2

>   Humidity

>   Temperature

>   Particulates

>   Volatile organic compounds

>   Formaldehyde

>   Radon

and return a picture of the air we breathe in real time, creating the average quality index and comparing it with the external one, so as to indicate how to act to improve energy efficiency and ensure healthy, as well as pleasant and memorable environments.