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Gruppo UNA

“UNA fragranza” is the scent identity dedicated by Gruppo Una to the well-being of their guests

“UNA fragranza” is the olfactory identity that Gruppo UNA, the largest Italian hotel chain, dedicates to its guests during their stay at the UNA Esperienze facilities. The fragrance is a real invitation to live a unique experience. The sparkling notes of mandarin, enhanced by the bright and spicy facet of ginger, give a dynamic twist to the scent. The juniper, with its aromatic chord, adds a touch of dryness, evoking a gin-based cocktail and an urban lounge atmosphere. The fragrance releases an elegant sillage thanks to the powdery notes of iris, combined with a refined leather chord and an unexpected touch of mate tea.


Development and diffusion of olfactory identity
Home spray
Maxi reed diffuser

“UNA fragranza” is the olfactory identity that the Group dedicates to the well-being of its guests.

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