Borgo Egnazia. The Authentic Breath of Puglia.

Puglia ‒ where the ancient waters of the Mediterranean whisper millennial secrets to the Grecale winds. Here was born Borgo Egnazia, a luxury hotel where culture becomes hospitality. Integra Fragrances collected centuries of history, art and exuberant nature in a unique, precious breath. This is how “Latte di Fico” began. The essence of Borgo Egnazia retraces its deep cultural roots and seals it inseparably with the territory. An authentic story, to be understood in a single breath. “Latte di Fico” tells the story of a walk along the coast, a journey inland, a total immersion into Apulian nature. Hints of vegetation surround a sweet centre of peach and jasmine flowers, followed by final nuances of fruit and sugary inflorescences. “Latte di Fico” is the authentic breath of Puglia.

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