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Integra Fragrances x SEP Jordan: introducing the SEP signature “Cumin & Myrrh Stories” candle

September 1st, 2021 – Integra Fragrances chose to support SEP’s high social impact project and commitment to increase women’s psychological well-being. Integra Fragrances teamed with SEP and developed an exclusive, tailor-made scent identity which embodies the brand’s values, imagery and ethical mission.


In parallel with a deep study of SEP Jordan’s universe, philosophy and style, Integra analyzed Jordan’s scented raw materials and reached out to the SEP artist women to get insights on their personal olfactive memories.


We gathered the different perfumes and odors that Jerash Camp’s women experience every day as we wanted to infuse the camp’s real life and the women’s feelings into this signature fragrance”, states Francesca Piana, Integra Fragrances marketing manager.


The smell of coffee, kabsa spices, incense, cumin, and cardamom. The mouth-watering smell of freshly baked bread and the special smell of a newborn baby. The smell of dust when it rains and the unique perfume of the SEP workshop. You will soon be able to discover SEP’s signature fragrance in a brand-new home candle, Integra Fragrances for SEP Jordan, out ahead of Christmas 2021!


The Integra Fragrances X SEP candle is entirely eco-friendly:

  • The packaging is completely free from plastic (not even external cellophane), the candle’s integrity is guaranteed by a paper seal.
  • The candle is made of natural wax.
  • Paper comes from responsibly managed forests (FSC certified).


The fragrance is:

  • 100% natural certified (EcoCert, COSMOS Natural): 100% of the ingredients are natural raw materials, many of which are the result of a partnership with local producers to promote better living conditions. The entire production chain, from procurement to production, is tracked and controlled to ensure support to the fair-trade market.
  • COSMOS organic compliant, a globally recognized certification for biological cosmetic products in Europe.



The SEP fragrance: Woody, Spicy, Oriental
TOP NOTES: Cumin, Ginger, Cardamom
HEART NOTES: Cedarwood, Dried Fig, Rose
BASE NOTES: Myrrh, Vanilla, Tonka Bean


Head notes look like an energetic discharge of spices: cumin, cardamon, ginger, pepper and coriander are the main ingredients of kabsa spices, the most used seasoning in Jordan and in Jerash camp in particular. The perfect balance between hot and cold spices gives a curious refreshing but warm sensation – Middle East and West come together. Rose perfume was among the most mentioned memories by artist women: “Roses are like coffee: if you don’t share a cup, their scent is sad and nostalgic”. Myrrh, an ancient raw material of Middle Eastern origin, has therapeutic properties for both body and soul and gives the composition a unique depth and complexity. The fragrance is closed by a full-bodied woody base which, together with the powdery nuances of tonka bean and the enveloping effect given by incense and other precious Middle Eastern resins, vividly reproduces the dusty soil of the camp. Vanilla, one of the most used essential oils by SEP women, embellishes the base leaving a long, sweet memory.


Roberta Ventura, Founder of SEP Jordan added, “We dreamt of bringing the SEP customer on a complete sensorial experience, in store and at home. The SEP embroideries address and please the eye and the touch and thanks to this amazing collaboration, we can now bring the camp to the world, through a spiritual and hypnotic olfactive trip!”


“During the fragrances discovery phase, we were in Geneva, but we travelled to Jordan and we felt the same intense emotions that we feel in Jerash camp – we are amazed by how the Integra Fragrances team managed to translate the SEP olfactive memories into a fragrance!”


“Working with organizations which share our vision to enhance the Sustainable Development Goals, such as Integra Fragrances, takes us one step closer to fulfilling our mission: to bring thousands of refugees above the poverty line thanks to their skills and talent”.


Since 2006, Integra Fragrances is leader in scent branding strategies and services for international fashion, luxury, design and hospitality companies, as well as banks, museums, airlines, private yachts. Bulgari, Fendi, Ferragamo, MaxMara and Emirates are just some of the prestigious brands that Integra Fragrances serves all over the world. They are specialized in the creation of bespoke fragrances able to translate the brand’s DNA into a custom sensorial experience, which makes customer journeys unique and unforgettable. Thanks to a careful study of the brand and its values, Integra Fragrances designs exclusive olfactory notes that become real identities. This expertise, combined with an avant-garde scenting technology, an exceptional level of service, and decades of experience in the retail and HVAC design, allows Integra Fragrances to perfume brands and events with over 4,500 remotely controlled devices installed worldwide.


About SEP Jordan ( /  @sepjordan)


SEP is a B Corporation Social Enterprise that aims to bring thousands of refugees above the poverty line through training and employment. Founded in 2013 by Italian Roberta Venturaa former banker turned Social Entrepreneur, SEP is run out of Geneva, Amman and the Jerash Refugee Camp. It is a luxury lifestyle brand: a fusion of Italian style with the best Middle Eastern Craftsmanship. Today over 500 artists work with SEP in Jerash camp, Jordan. They create timeless hand-embroidered home accessories: a cushion takes up to 4 weeks to embroider; a cashmere throw takes over 5 weeks. It takes time to create a perfect work of art, but when it is ready, it lasts a lifetime. SEP is a certified B Corporation: “As a certified B Corp, we do business differently. Society and the environment are a stakeholder in SEP, and how we treat them is just as important as the bottom line”.


We live in a world saturated by high-end fashion. The inspiration behind SEP Jordan was to transform this fashion category by introducing a brand that sells unique stories – the stories of refugees, who are the artists creating the accessories, enrich the products we sell and give them meaning.  SEP artists are unique: they are artists whose skills can be traced back generations”.


“We work to ensure that the SEP artists are proud to be part of the SEP community. They are respected as individuals and each of them can express their personality in the creative process.” – Roberta Ventura

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